1stTurf is the exclusive provider for Desso Sports Systems 

 Customized For Your Needs

We will consult with you to understand your programming needs.

All Weather Systems

No matter the climate of the use 1stTurf can offer a proven solution that will work! We have many fields over 10 years old still in use.

 Perfect Installations

Your installation is what we pride ourselves on. Your field will be our number 1 priority. 1stTurf has never missed a completion deadline!

Our Line of Premium Synthetic Turf


Performance and durability in one integrated system

Unmatched Fiber Durability

The technological breakthrough in fibre design in the iDNA X fibre is based upon the proven performance of Desso monofilament systems since 1990.
Desso has over 18,000 monofilament fields installed world-wide since 1990, all of which have met or exceeded their warranty term….with no fiber failures or field replacements!

Hydrophile turf

The Synthetic Turf imitates the water-retaining characteristics of natural grass. Like with natural grass the hydrophile fibres hold on to the water. The result is a perfectly watered grass surface, which makes for an even more natural experience.


The universal synthetic turf without infill

The durability of two types of fibre in one system

Usually for football the infill gives the (long) grass fibres the necessary performance and helps to keep them upright. To equip Desso UNI-X with an optimal durability and to preserve the resilience of the grass, Desso Sports Systems combined two types of fibre into one system.


Sportilux, the hockey field for top players!

Sportilux incorporates a fibre with a unique micro helical curl design and special “honeycomb” fibrillation pattern, which creates a surface with the exact performance requirements to encourage hockey development at all levels. In addition to criteria such as fast, smooth ball roll and even regular bounce, the design encourages the retention of water, whether it is provided by precipitation or through an irrigation system. The structure of Desso’s own yarn helps trap the water, storing it within the fibre itself.


Desso iDNA, a new step, a new standard

With Desso iDNA we have once again succeeded in pushing the boundaries to create a new generation of Synthetic turf for American football. Not only has Desso Sports systems taken two important, but contrasting properties for fibers (resilience and durability), and united them in a single synthetic turf surface.